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It's A Ducking Stat Attack

Time allowing, we are going to be posting a daily blog covering some key stats and trends for some of the day's runners in the UK and Ireland. Please read the stats carefully as not all of them will be positive!


Stat 1 - Windsor is a very idiosyncratic race track and horses tend to either love it or hate it especially when it comes to sprint races. One trainer who has seemingly found the winning Windsor formula is, Rod Millman. Rod's record in 6 furlong handicaps at the track is particularly impressive as he holds a positive A/E and a level stakes profit. However, if we apply some additional filters in respect of age and race class, we find that the win strike rate in particular, increases massively. The horse of interest today is BAMA LAMA (12/1) who runs in the 2:20 at Windsor.

Stat 2 - System 36 specifically targets David's O'Meara's runners and whilst I am not going to go into specifics, the system has shown a bumper profit and a very strong stake rate over the last 5/6 years. The horse of interest tomorrow is AUTUMN FESTIVAL (4/5) who runs in the 3:05 at Pontefract.

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