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NFL - Week 1

This week's Colossus games are detailed below. To get involved, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won.



We are siding with the Dolphins here. They’ve improved as a team massive during the off season whilst the Pats have looked woeful in their pre-season games. This trip to Florida has always been troublesome for Bill and I think that trend continues tonight.


Another game where we will be siding with the home favourites. The Steelers feel like a team in transition and whilst their defence might keep it close early, I think the Bengals pull away in the second half for a comfortable win.

RAVES (-6.5) @ JETS

The fact this spread isn’t a little bigger makes me nervous as the Ravens have a tendency to blow teams away in week 1. That being said, the Jets have looked okay in preseason and I imagine they’ll set out to run the clock and keep the ball out of Lamar’s hands. Ultimately, I still think the Ravens win easily and probably cover in the process.


Another game and another home favourite who looks to be good value to cover the spread. The Raiders tend to start slowly and whilst they’ve boosted their offence in the off season, I just don’t think they have the fire power to go toe to toe with Justin Herbert and his offensive talents.


This game is probably too close to call and ultimately whoever limits the errors and turnovers will probably win. Push come to shove, I think the Vikings scrape it but I think this comes down to the last play of the game.


The spread favours the Bucs here but I think the Cowboys might be catching the Bucs and TB12 at the right time. They’ll obviously need to be on top of their game and they will need to rely on their defence heavily but I think this one could go either way and it wouldn’t be surprising if the Cowboys were to sneak the win and give their fans false hope once again.


Virtually impossible to see the seahawks getting anything from this game. The Broncos should have too much on both sides of the balls and I’m sure Russel Wilson will want to give the Seahawks fans a taste of what they’ve lost.

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