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NFL - Week 1 (23/24 Season)

Tonight we have the return of the NFL and it promises to be another exciting season. To kick things off, we are going to have our normal Colossus Ticket (see details below) and we are also going to cover some key stats for tonight's games, as well as providing a few free ACCAs and Bet Builders to keep things interesting.



To get involved in tonight's Colossus Ticket, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won. Tonight we will be playing for a jackpot of £127,000 with a small ticket so it will sell out quickly.



So, what we're going to do here is provide a Bet Builder for a selection of tonight's games and where appropriate we will fill you in on some of the stats behind the bet. We will also just provide one or tow straight accumulators for those that aren't comfortable with the Bet Building process.


A hotly contested Divisional game and Vegas is telling us this is going to be close (I'd tend to agree). The Stats tell us that the Browns struggle to get interceptions against mobile QB's and that they're also vulnerable to passing TD's. However, Miles Garrett will no doubt apply pressure to Joe Burrow at every opportunity and should be good for at least one sack.



The Vikings really should be making easy work of a team like the Bucs as they are a team in transition with a low grade QB who simply isn't an NFL starter. In the last 20 home games when Vegas favoured the Vikings, Kirk Cousin's has average 275 yards passing and 2.3 TD's. In fact, the only team to really slow down his arm in recent starts was the Jets who have a truly elite defence. I expect him to expose the Buc's secondary this evening and put up some big numbers.



Landing an accumulator in the NFL is never easy and to be honest, most punters including myself tend to stick to singles only but we will give it a go anyway and see how we get on. I always think that week 1 tends to be a good time to play the underdogs and on the whole, that is exactly what we will be doing tonight/tomorrow.


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