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NFL - Week 11

To get involved in tonight's Colossus Ticket, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won. I've reviewed the games in detail below.

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Honestly, I hate both of these teams. The Falcons are impossible to predict most of the times and the Bears are literally a one man army on offence. To put it bluntly, if Field’s has a bad game they lose it’s really that simple. Tonight the Bears head to Atlanta as a 3pt Dog and the total is set at 49.0. In general the Bears don’t travel particularly well and on paper at least this doesn’t look like a favourable match up for them as the Falcons are run heavy and are significantly better in the Redzone than they are. The Falcons have always been a bogey team for me but I am confident that they get the win tonight.


The Commanders caused a major shock this week when they beaten the Eagles on what was an emotional day for Coach Rivera. With that marque win under their belts, Ron will be desperate to keep the bandwagon rolling. The Texans are exactly the kind of team he would want to be facing as they have just 1 win from their last 11 games as a Home Dog. Their offence is struggling and we all know that they’re playing for Draft Picks now. With that in mind, you have to fancy the Commanders to get the job done and my main concern would be the potential for a blowout. However, the Commanders are off a short break and in the last 5 years their average win margin away from home is just 7.8pts. So, hopefully the Texans D can keep it relatively close.


This game is being played at a Neutral field due to the crazy snow that has fallen in Buffalo this week. I don’t think it will make any difference given that it will basically feel like a home game for the Bills plus the stadium at Detroit is a dome which should spell trouble for the Brown’s secondary. Make no mistake, the Bills and in particular Josh Allen will be out for blood tonight after their brutal loss to the Vikings last weekend. I really can’t see the Browns having any answer to the questions the Bills will inevitably pose and that makes this game a nightmare to score. You have to go back to 2013 to find the last time the Browns beat a Non-Division Rival as a 5pt+ Dog. Their average losing margin has been 10.4pts but they have been blown out on a few occasions usually when they face teams that score heavily in the first half. That poses a major problem because the Bills are that kind of team. On 3/4 occasions this year they’ve scored 17+pts in the first half and if they do that again tonight, this could easily become a 41-10 kind of game. However, if the Browns keep in close first half, then this may turn into a 27-17 game instead so it’s a real head scratcher.


This is probably the game of the weekend. Both these teams have probably exceeded expectations so far especially the Vikings who look like the real deal. That being said, I still don’t trust Kirk Cousins and I think he may have a tough time against this Cowboys defence. The key to victory will probably be whether the Cowboys can stop the run and force Cousin’s to pass. If that happens I’m pretty sure they’ll leave Minnesota with a win. However, Dalvin Cook can gain the hard yards and distract the Cowboy’s path rush then Jefferson might ball out and have another big game. All in all, I think this probably ends up being decided in the 4th Quarter and as it stands, I’m just favouring the Cowboys. I’m just hoping that the Vikings don’t suffer a celebration hangover from their wins against the Bills as that could blow this game wide open as the Cowboys are more than capable of winning big if a team allows them to do so.


A Division game that always has plenty of edge. The Steelers defeated the Bengals in overtime in Week 1. In truth, they were very fortunate to win that day and the fact is that this is a must win for the Bengals as they have games against the Chiefs and Titans coming up next. They are also coming off bye and whilst the Steelers have a few key players coming back into the lineup, it is difficult to believe that any of them are at 100%. In week 1, Burrows had an absolute nightmare against the Steelers pass rush who sacked him 7 times. He is going to have to get the ball out much quicker tonight which won’t be easy given that they don’t have the threat of Chase down field.


Another Division game featuring a Home Dog. The last time the Chiefs lost a Division game as an away favourite was in 2016 against the Raiders so the Chargers have a mountain to climb tonight especially as they’ve not been in the best of form recently. Their stats against the Chiefs as a home dog are even worse, as they are without a win since 2004. Whichever way you approach this game is difficult to see a route to victory for the Chargers and at best they may just be able to cover the spread.


I’m sure we have cashed our ticket before this game comes into play which is just as well. On paper, the 49ers deserve to be a clear favourite and should be winning comfortably but yet Kyle’s record against the Cardinals since taking over in San Fransisco has been pretty poor. This will either be an easy win for the Niners or they’ll struggle to contain Kyler Murray and will get beaten by 6 or 7pts.

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