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NFL - Week 2

This week's Colossus games are detailed below. To get involved, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won.

Last weeks ticket didn't result in a win but we did land our 14/1 acca and our free bet for tonight will be posted in the comments section.


Patriots (-2) @ Steelers

This is the kind of game you hate to see on a Colossus ticket because its just so trappy. The Patriots are favoured by Vegas but they’re a poor team currently. Their offence looks toothless, their defence is old and Mac Jones is still learning on the job. Similar comments apply to the Steelers offence but their defence and pass rush is all action and whilst they will miss the presence of TJ Watt, if they can force turnovers and put the offence back on the field in a good positions, you’d have to think that they’ll have a chance to win what will probably be a low scoring, run fest.

Key Stat - The Patriots are 3-9-0 (25% Win) as away favourite against non-division rivals since 2010 when the line is -3 or less.

Panthers @ Giants (-2.0)

Another difficult game to assess. The Giants are favoured by Vegas following their shock win over the Titan’s in week 1 but truth be told, I thought both teams were pretty awful in that game. The Panthers on the other hand played well against the Browns with Baker settling into the offence relatively well. I expect this to be another close game but for my money, the Panthers have the better QB, the better head coach, and the better defence which tips the scales in their favour. However, the line is crucial here because if we see positive movement for the Giants with the line moving out past -3.0 that would be a big indication that Vegas thinks they have a significant edge.

Key Stat - The Giants are 16-1-0 (94.1% Win) as home favourites against non-division rivals since 2010 when the line is greater than -3.0.

Commanders @ Lions (-1.5)

If you watched the latest season of Hard Knocks you will know all about the Lions and Dan Campbell. They certainly lack a bit of talent but they are gritty, determined, and will run themselves into the ground to compete as they showed last weekend against the Eagles. As a result of that performance they head into this weekend as a home favourite and I think that’s a fair evaluation. When these two teams faced off back in 2020 the Lions scraped home for a 3pt win BUT they gave up 17pts in the 4th quarter. I think they are a better team now and whilst the Commanders have also improved, I will never trust Carson Wentz to make the rights calls when it really matters. I expect this to be pretty close and hard fought but ultimately, I think the Lions get the win.

Key Stat - The Commanders are 9-25-0 (26.5% Win) as an away dog against non-division rivals since 2010 when the game total is higher than 43.0 points. Average losing margin = 14.8pts.

Cardinals @ Raiders (-5.0)

The Cardinals were torn apart by the Chiefs and Patrick ‘Money’ Mahomes last weekend and as a result head to Las Vegas as a sizeable underdog. The Raiders on the other-hand kept things close against the Chargers in week one but Derek Carr once again looked pretty shaky behind what is a very good offensive line and they relied heavily on Devante Adams throughout. Whilst I ultimately think that the Raiders get the job done, I am not at all convinced that they will cover the spread and I think this could come down to a field goal or a mistake either way in the 4th Quarter.

Key Stat - Home favourites are 38-66-2 (36.5%) against the spread since 2016 in matches against non-division rivals were the total was 50 points or more.

Bengals (-7.5) @ Cowboys

I think it is fair to say that the Cowboys offence was absolutely awful in week one and things are only going to get worse this week now that Dak is out for foreseeable future. With that in mind, it is no surprise to see that Vegas have the Bengals as a heavy favourite. Whilst Joe Burrows himself was far from perfect in week one and made a lot of unforced errors, he was facing a Steelers pass rush that was amped up and ready to sack. It has to be said that the Cowboys defence is currently the only good thing about the team and Jerry Jones will be hoping that they can keep his team in the game but the fact is that this match up has loss written all over it and its simply a question of how many points the Bengals can win by.

Key Stat - The Bengals are 16-4-0 (80% Win) as away favourites against non-division rivals since 2009. Average win margin = 12.4pts

Bears @ Packers (-9.5)

The Packers had a torrid time against the ravenous Vikings in week 1 with Rogers clearly missing his a few of the offensive weapons he lost in the offseason. However, there is no need for Packers fans to worry because this week they get to swing a homerun hit against the Bears. Although the Bears got a win in week 1, it is clear that they are set to struggle again this season and I can’t believe for a second that Justin Fields is capable of going to Lambeau Field and winning. Like with the Bengals above, this is simply a question of how much misery the Packers can inflict and after their lacklustre week 1 performance, this probably isn’t going to be fun for Bears.

Key Stat - The Packers are 12-0-0 (100% win) as home favourites against division rivals since 2008 in the first 5 weeks of the season. Average win margin = 12.6pts

Vikings @ Eagles (-2.0)

Both of these teams looked good in week 1 and I think they’re both playoff contenders in the making which makes this match up a little difficult to predict. However, Monday night games tend to heavily favour the home favourites and I do also think that Hurts is a proper duel threat QB that will cause the Vikings plenty of problems whereas Cousins can really only hurt you with his arm. A fascinating game and one that I think the Eagles win (just).

Key Stat - Home favourites are 24-8-0 (75% win) when playing non-division rivals on Monday night since 2016.

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