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NFL - Week 2 (23/24 Season)

To kick things off, we are going to have our normal Colossus Ticket (see details below), as well as providing a few free bets to keep things interesting.



To get involved in tonight's Colossus Ticket, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won. Tonight we will be playing for a jackpot of £129,000 with a small ticket so it will sell out quickly.




The Chiefs suffered a first week loss to the Lions but truth be told they basically beat themselves or at least Toney did. They’ll be looking to bounce back tonight against a Jags team that looked okay in week one but who still have issue on defence and pass protection. This could develop into a bit of a shootout but it’s almost impossible to see the Chiefs going 0-2 to start the season and I think they get the job done especially with Chris Jones back in the line up as he could give Lawrence plenty to think about inside.


Neither of these teams played well in week 1 but the Bengals in particular had a torrid time in Cleveland. They looked extremely rusty and whilst the weather played a part, the offensive line simply couldn’t give Burrow sufficient time in the pocket. The Ravens offence also looked tame and Jackson one again struggled with turnovers. To me this look like a low scoring game unless we some major adjustments. It’s going to be close but ultimately I think the Bengals bounce back and pull away to win by a TD in the 4th Quarter.


Both these teams were involved in upsets in week 1. The Lions beat the Super Bowl champs and the Seahawks got demolished by the Rams as a 4.5pt fav. The Lions are a team on the rise and home field advantage is going to be huge for them this season (balaclavas have sold out in Detroit). Last year these two played out an epic shootout with points being scored left right and centre but I think the Lions are smarter this year and I think the Seahawk’s Offensive Line has major issues. Oh that basis, punters can only side with one team and that’s the Lions and this could get messy.


These two teams probably rank towards the bottom of the NFL as both offences are woefully inadequate. It’s a tough match up to call and it will probably be decided by turnovers. The Commanders have the better defence and pass rush but they also have a low grade QB who is prone to mistakes. The two coaches and their staff know each other well and this looks like a ticket buster to me because if one team does get ahead, it’s unlikely that the other will be able to narrow the margin of victory.


The Jets suffered a cruel blow in Week 1 as Rodger snapped his Achilles after just 4 plays. They now have Zac Wilson back starting and he’s simply not good enough to be there. Whilst he got the job done against the Bills due to Josh Allen’s recklessness, this Cowboys Defence is going to give him nightmares. The only hope for the Jets is that their defence can keep this close and prevent a total blowout but if Zac can’t move the chains and keep the offence on the field, then the Cowboys will have plenty of opportunities to wrack up points in the second half. Another game that could get messy.


Miami’s high power offence feasted in Week 1 and looked extremely impressive in the process. However, with all due respect to the Chargers, a trip to New England and an encounter with their Defence will be a very different test for Tua. Vegas have the line at -2.5 and the under at 46.5 which really emphasises the point. I thought the Patriots looked good against the Eagles and whilst I’m not sure they’ll have enough to get the win, I do think they keep the score low and close and I won’t be overly surprised if they do manage to sneak a victory.


The Panthers did not look good in Week 1 and whilst that’s not unusual, I thought Bryce Young looked like a rabbit in the headlights. He now encounters a Monday night slot against a defence that know how to apply pressure and cause turnovers. The only saving grace for the Panthers is that the Saints offence is pretty timid and their run game is virtually non existent so we probably see a low scoring game with the Saints walking away with a win.



The two Trixies below are mainly just for fun and are primarily for those that might not make it into the ticket. You definitely want to keep the stakes low as these point bets need absolutely everything to go right to land.



Landing an accumulator in the NFL is never easy and to be honest, most punters including myself tend to stick to singles only but we will give it a go anyway and see how we get on.


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