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NFL - Week 4

This week's Colossus games are detailed below. To get involved, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won.

Last weeks ticket was brutal! Having once again turned down a £400-500 cash out we were so close to going 5/5 in the early games which would have no doubt resulted in a massive pay out. However it wasn't to be and our accas also fell at the final hurdles. This week we go again though and the Colossus match ups look to be in our favour. Our free acca for tonight has also been posted in the comments and looks strong.


Jaguars @ Eagles (-6.5)

The Eagles are now the only team in the league with a perfect record and they’ve looked very strong in just about every area through the first 3 weeks. The Jaguars caused a major upset last weekend when they destroyed the Charges as a 3pt Dog. Whilst the Jags were pretty decent in that game, the Chargers were absolutely woeful and basically did everything wrong. Prior to that game, the Jaguars had 15 straight losses as an away dog (3pt or higher) and I expect normal service to be resumed today as the Eagles should be far too strong for them especially at home. The difficult here is going to be getting the points right though as this could be a potential blowout.

Key Stat - The Jaguars are 3-23-0 (11.5% Win) since 2017 as an away dog when the spread is +3 or higher. Average losing margin = 14.1pts

Bills (-3.0) @ Ravens

Having watched the Bills and Dolphins game twice now, I still have no idea how the Bills managed to lose that match up. They were by far the better team, won every key battle but just failed to win the war. Today’s they will be out for blood and they’re coming up against a defence that is truly awful. Whilst the Ravens win record looks decent so far, there are manage cracks and weaknesses in this team and I fully expect them to be exposed this evening. Whilst Lamar will no doubt keep them in touching distance for a while, I think the Bills end up winning this one comfortably.

Key Stat - The Bills are 11-1-0 (91.7% Win) since 2017 as a favourite coming off a prior loss. Average win margin = 16pts

Bears @ Giants (-3.0)

I am pretty sure this game will win the award for putting the most viewers to sleep on a Sunday. These are two teams that are terrible to watch with the exception of Barkley who is an exceptional running back. This is kind of game I hate to see in a Colossus Ticket because you know there will be a lot of mistakes and I don’t trust either QB. The only saving grace is that it is likely to be a low scoring game, so you have to hope that we don’t see a big win for either team. As it stands, I am probably just favouring the Giants but this will probably come down to a 4th Quarter blunder by either team.

Key Stat - N/A

Patriots @ Packers (-9.5)

With Mac Jones now officially out for this game, the Patriots really have no prospect of winning this game. Their chances would have been slim anyway given that the Packers at home are always formidable especially now that they are starting to show clear signs that Rogers has adjusted to the new offence set up. With that in mind, this becomes a question of how many points are they going to win by and that’s not easy to answer because you know Big Bill is going to do everything he can to slow this game down and turn it into a run fest. We also have to take into account that the Packers don’t tend to be that aggressive in these types of games and tend to be content to a maintain a two score lead on most occasions.

Key Stat - The Packers are 24-3-0 (88.9% Win) since 2014 as a home favourite against non-division rivals when the line is greater than -5. The average win margin = 11.5pts

Broncos @ Raiders (-2.5)

This is another rather trappy match up featuring 2 teams that have disappointed us for one reason or another already this season. Recent history shows that the Raiders have an edge against their division rival. They have won 7 of the last 9 match ups (home and away) and on the two occasions where they did lose, they did so by just 1 point. On the flip side, the Broncos losing margin has also tended to be low, save for one blowout win for the Raiders in 2020 where they score 17 points in the 4th Quarter to win 31-12. Ultimately, I don’t trust either of these two teams at this point but I’m hoping their respective offences will keep the points total low for the sake of our Colossus Ticket.

Key Stat - The Broncos are 2-11-0 (15.4% Win) since 2015 as away dogs against division rivals. The average losing margin = 13.2pts

Chiefs @ Buccaneers (-1.0)

TB12 and the Bucs really disappointed me last weekend against the Packers. Whilst their defence was outstanding, their offence looked completely toothless and they really struggled to move the ball save for the final two minute drive. This weekend, Tom will have a few of his offensive weapons back in the team which should help but Vegas obviously believes there still going to struggle because they’ve held the total at just 46.0. The Chiefs are coming off a loss too and to be honest, they haven’t looked that deadly through the first 3 games with the total going under on 2 occasions. Ultimately, I think both offences probably struggle tonight and this match will be settled by a field goal or a game winning drive in the 4th Quarter.

Key Stat - Patrick Mahomes is 8-0-0 (100% Win) in matches where the total is less than 55 and he suffered a loss in his prior game. Average win margin = 12.9pts

Rams @ Fortyniners (-1.5)

I would favour most teams against the 49ers at the moment but Sean McVay has really struggled in the past against his old friend and mentor, Kyle Shanahan. Since McVay took over at the Rams, he has gone 4-7 against the 49ers and 2 of those wins came when the rams were favoured by -10. Whenever the spread has been close in the past, Kyle has found a way to beat him at that may well be the case again on Monday night. However, this is a particularly poor 49ers team and the Rams really should be winning this game easily if they limit mistakes and play to their strengths.

Key Stat - N/A

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