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NFL - Week 5

This week's Colossus games are detailed below. To get involved, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won.

Our free acca for tonight has also been posted in the comments.


Chargers @ Browns

Neither of these teams have been great so far this season and the Browns are almost certainly flattered by their 2-2 record as they’ve played some low rank opposition. Truth be told, I don’t really trust either team but the Chargers are the strong unit, have the better QB and should leave Cleveland with a win providing they can stop the run game which won’t be easy.

Key Stat - The Browns are 4-16-0 (20% Win) as a Home Dog against Non-Division rivals since 2012. Average losing margin =8.8pts

Lions @ Patriots

I love watching the Lions because they really do play some crazy football and rarely stick to the conventional rules of play. Whilst a lot of teams allow them to play fast and loose, I can’t imagine the Pats doing that this evening and that should spell trouble for Goff and the Lions offence. New England is never an easy place to go and I expect the Lions to be flying home laster today with another loss on their record.

Key Stat - The Lions are 7-24-1 (22.6% Win) as an Away Dog against Non-Division rivals since 2012. Average losing margin = 8.3pts

Dolphins @ Jets

Plenty of drama surrounding this Dolphin’s team and the concussion of Tua. Despite that, they have looked good so far this season and It is hard to envisage the Jets getting anything from this game given how woeful they have been against their Division rivals in recent years.

Key Stat - The Jets are 4-25-0 (13.8% Win) as a Dog against Divisional opponents since 2015. Average losing margin = 12.3pts

Eagles @ Cardinals

On recent form you’d have to fancy the Eagles to get another win here as they’re the form team in the NFL and the Cardinals are looking extremely average. However, I think this is going to be a lot closer than people think and I actually wouldn’t be overly surprised if the Cardinals were to sneak a win providing that Kyler Murray protects the balls and moves his team down the field effectively. However, if Kyler fumbles or throw picks early on, the scales will tip massively in favour of the Eagles. This is a terrible match up for a Colossus ticket!

Key Stat - The Cardinals are 9-6-1 (60% Win) as a Home Dog against Non-Division rivals since 2012.

Cowboys @ Rams

Since losing Dak earlier in the season, the Cowboys Defence has done a remarkable job of keeping their team in the game. However, today the Cowboys head to LA and I doubt it is going to be a fun visit. Whilst the D might be able to contain Stafford and Co temporarily, I am sure they will find a way to score points. The Cowboys offence on the other hand are like to find themselves in 3rd and long a lot and that should lead to a low scoring game and a win for the Rams who should pull away in the 4th quarter.

Key Stat - The Cowboys are 8-19-0 (29.6% Win) as an Away Dog against Non-Division rivals since 2012. Average losing margin = 5.6pts

Bengals @ Ravens

These big division games are always tough to call. As a general rule, if the look ahead line favours the home favourite by 3.5 or more, then that’s a big plus for them statistically. However, in this particular circumstance, whilst the Raven’s do have the -3.5 line, I am a little uncertain about what kind of mark that game against the Bills last weekend will have left. There is no doubt that they made major errors in that game late on and a few senior players were far from happy about the decision not to allow the Bills to score. The Bengals on the other hand come into this game having had a very easy time last week against the Jets and I just feel that they might be in a better headspace for this game.

Key Stat - Home Favourites are 305-106-1 (74.2% Win) against division rivals where the line has been greater than 3 since 2012. Average winning margin = 7.3pts

Raiders @ Chiefs

Another Division game but this time we have a very worthy favourite in the shape of the Chiefs. The Raiders tend to try and raise their game whenever they head to Arrowhead but they’ve look pretty average in the early weeks of the season and I would fully expect Patrick and Co to get the job done in Primetime.

Key Stat - N/A

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The Duck
The Duck
Oct 09, 2022

4th Quarter Update Lions 0 - 26 Patriots - Lions have been awful. Had a chance to score a TD a couple of minutes ago and failed miserably. Be very surprised if they could get the 2 TD’s required to put us through. Dolphins 17 - 19 Jets - Dolphins lost their back up QB on the first play of the game but I still think they’ll get the win. Chargers 27 - 28 Browns - Great game, could go either way but I’d imagine we will get the result we need eitherway.


The Duck
The Duck
Oct 09, 2022

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