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NFL - Week 7

This week's Colossus games are detailed below. To get involved, just click the button below and then buy into our syndicate ticket. If we win, or cashout, you will get a percentage share of the prize money won.

Our free acca for tonight has also been posted in the comments.


Packers (-4.0) @ Commanders

The Packers getting blow-out by the Jets definitely came as a surprise to me and it has to be said that they’re almost certainly in danger of seeing their season implode. As it stands, their offence and in particular their running game has been virtually non-existent and their defence is now also starting to crack. It therefore comes as no surprise that Vegas has set the total at just 41 especially as Washington have also been pretty dire on offence and will be without Wentz for this game (probably not a bad thing in truth). In any other year, I would be confident that Rodgers and Co would be leaving Washington with a win but this year, I am not so sure. However, at the end of the day, the Packers are still a better team than Washington and if they can strike early and get points on the board, I just don’t see how the Commanders will be able to stick with them given that the run game is really the only redeeming quality that they have on offence.

Colts @ Titans (-2.5)

A division game that is always an intriguing contest. The Colts have been pretty underwhelming so far this season but they showed a glimmer of hope last weekend when Matt Ryan finally unlocked the passing game. If they are to win tonight they will have to do it through the air because Taylor is still nursing an injury and the Titan’s defence is basically built to stop the run. On the other side of the ball, Derek Henry has started to cook and is looking like a Running-back that can run through just about anybody again. They have also started to getting him involved a little more in the pass game and whilst his hands aren’t great, when he does catch the ball, you are almost guaranteed to get yardage. I think this probably ends up being a low scoring close contest and the Broadcasters seem to agree as they’ve put this game towards the bottom of their team list. Ultimately, it will probably won by whichever side can limit the mistakes and I think that will probably end up being the Titans.

Giants @ Jaguars (-3.0)

The Giants have been a bit of a surprise package this season but I am still to buying into the hype and neither are Vegas who have them as a 3pt dog in this game. The Jaguars have certainly improved since they appointed Pederson and Trevor Lawrence in particular has been taking giant steps forward. Both teams are a little banged up on offence especially in the Wide Receiver position so I would envisage this being a run heavy game leading to a low total and close margin of victory. As it stands, I agree with Vegas and would favour the Jaguars but it is really going to depend who takes the initiative because if the Jags were able to get in front by a couple of TD’s, I am not sure that Daniel Jones is capable of keeping the Giants in the game with his arm.

Chiefs (-1.0) @ 49ers

The Chiefs have a different feel to them this season. With Hill now down in Miami, Patrick no longer has his deep ball threat and because of that, they are tending to throw short with a view to moving the ball 10 yards at a time. Whilst it can be very effective, they don’t carry the same level of threat as they have in the past which is why they’re heading to San Francisco as a marginal favourite. The Fortyniners have been frustrating so far this season especially on offence which is probably why they went out and got CMC in a big money trade this week. In truth, I am not entirely sure what to expect from them this evening but Kyle will no doubt have a plan to frustrate Patrick and will give him as many new looks as possible and in their defence, they’ve only played twice at home this season and on both occasions won comfortably. I think this game will end up being very close and I think the 49ers might actually just edge it late on providing that Jimmy G doesn’t beat himself.

Seahawks @ Chargers (-4.5)

The Seahawks have been getting plenty of positive press this season and I have no idea why because they’re basically only been beating god awful teams. Today they’ll head to LA against a proper team with offensive weapons and a duel threat QB and I think they’ll come unstuck. Vegas currently has this line at 4.5 and I personally think it should be more like 7.0 but I guess the Chargers have shown in the past that they’re not built to blowout teams and it is also very difficult to trust their coaching staff to make the correct decisions even when they’re dominating games! On all known metrics, the Chargers have a sizeable edge and the only way they lose this game is if they beat themselves with mistakes and turnovers.

Steelers @ Dolphins (-7.5)

I guess it is fair to say that the Dolphin’s hype bubble has deflated a little over the last couple of weeks but they’re going to have an opportunity to pump it back up today against a Steelers team that is well and truly in transition. The Dolphins are getting some key weapons back and with home field advantage in their favour as well, the Steelers Defence is going to have their work cut out if they’re to keep this score respectable. I guess if I was looking for a positive for the Steelers it would be their pass rush but Tua is elusive in the pocket and I just think he will be able to get the ball out quickly before the Steelers ever really have a chance to disrupt the play.

Bears @ Patriots (-8.0)

This looks to be a terrible match up for the Bears who will head to New England without Russel Wilson who has as minor injury. They have really struggled to move the ball so far this season and whilst their defence has done a good job of keep their games close, I think this game has lose written all over it and I think the Patriots should and could win by double figures without ever having to break a sweat. They just have to ensure that they limit mistakes, run the ball efficiently and limit the turnovers.

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