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🏈 The Super Bowl 🏈

Tonight it's the big one as the Chiefs and Eagles go head to head in the biggest game in sports (at least if you're American).

As it stands, the Eagles are favoured by the spread and have taken the majority of the heavy action in the US together with some sizeable bets on the over (currently 50.0 Total). From a stats perspective, there is no doubt that the Eagles are the better team on both sides of the ball. However, the Chiefs have Mahomes and Kelsey and if the Eagles can't find a way to stop that pairing, then they'll struggle to get the job done tonight. What's interesting is that the Eagles faced a couple of top Tightends during the season and kept them very quiet on each occasion so I'm sure they'll have a game plan for Kelsey too. For that reason, I'm currently favouring the Eagles for the win but I've posted a selection of bets below so hopefully there will be something for everyone no matter who you want to cheer for and there's also a couple of wild bets too for those that just want to have some kind of skin in the game!

Hopefully we get to see an offensive shoot out from start to finish with plenty of TD's plenty of big plays and some quality play from both QBs.


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